What are the various precautions you take while you go out for shopping?

Fashion is all about art and expressing what you feel. Join the Streetsmart Blog as we take you through the best of Indian Fashion in Bangalore.


  • Focuses on budgets and bargains.
  • Showcases different ways to look stylish without burning a   hole in your pockets (literally).
  • Tries to incorporate real runway trends into everyday life to give an idea on what’s hot.

Looking for Best Prices

  •     The writer follows the philosophy that fashion is not just about the clothes but about how they make you feel and that lifestyle is not just about the style but about living each day.
  •    The blog has a very bohemian,mix-n-match feel with a personal touch and an interesting narrative along with showcasing of different looks and hair and beauty tips.
  •      Videos, Photographs and Personal experiences complement the posts.


  •    It covers personal style, beauty and lifestyle topics and  the  writers ensure that the content is high quality.
  •    The posts are complemented by professional photography which elevates the posts from simply showcasing of clothes to art.
  •     StyleDrive is steeped in the urban, casual culture and has a wide variety of chic, floaty dresses, patterned tops and offbeat pants and skirts. Follow the blog for cool looks and the best accessory suggestions.

Shopoholic Tips

  •       It is like your Girl-Next-Door’s Blog about everyday fashion, style and shopping!
  •      The blog keeps on doing miscellaneous activities to make sure that is is a fun, easy   read for the audience and it known for its short, crisp posts and relevant images.
  •       It has also won some awards and been featured for its interesting articles and unique   and thrifty  fashion sense.
  •     Of late, it has started customizing its post for its curvier readers and manages especially because Nikita wants to break the misconception that curvy people..

Style Fashion etc

  •     The best thing about SFE is their outfit posts.They try to incorporate fashion in people’s day-to-day life.
  •     They give useful tips as to how to wear casuals and how to match up simple things and make them seem interesting.
  •     Making fashion easier for the common people is their motto and they work tirelessly to make fashion as non-intimidating to the general population as they can.

Fashion ooomp!!

  •     This blog covers all the latest trends and does so in the form of pictures. It gives details about clothes and accessories and what to wear with what so that it becomes easier for its audiences.
  •    An interesting aspect to the blog is that the writer covers different festivals and talk (along with pictures!) and suggests and recommends appropriate clothing and accessories for such occasions.
  •     Another extra point is that it talks about trends and tips for both girls and guys.

What is Confession Day ?

Happy Confession Day, we are celebrated this confession day on 19th Feb every year after valentines week and other love days. Confess is such a Hard and difficult job to do, but confession is a very beautiful thing if a person recognizes its importance in love. 

Love is important for everyone so nobody wants to lose its love but there are so many girls and boys who love each other but cannot tell it to next person, reason may be the fear of rejection or looking for a perfect instant or they may be nervous in confessing so here this Confession Day is a perfect day for you go and confess.

Streetsmart gives you a reletionship between both the user and Retailer.

All relationship problems stem from poor communication. Every relationship has its ups and downs, Girl normally likes a man who appreciates her nature and point of view, and respects a man who has reasons to back up his argument.

Honest, direct communication is a key part of any relationship. When both people feel comfortable expressing their needs, fears, and desires, trust and bonds are strengthened.

 Listening is a very important part of effective communication. A good listener can encourage their partner to talk openly and honestly. For those who are facing problems with their partners.

Keep comfortable eye contact:

  • Lean towards your partner and make gestures to show interest and concern.
  • Have a fairly relaxed posture with your arms and legs uncrossed.
  • Face your partner ñ donít sit or stand sideways.
  • Sit or stand on the same level to avoid looking up to or down on your partner.
  • Avoid distracting gestures such as fidgeting with a pen, glancing at papers, or tapping your feet or fingers.
  • Be aware that physical barriers, noise or interruptions will make good communication difficult.
  • Show genuine attention and interest.
  • Finally express your feelings

Promise for tomorrow:

  • Being honest with each other
  • Listening to each other with full attention
  • Staying in contact with each other
  • Reassuring each other of your love with words, cuddles and making time for each other
  • Sharing thoughts and feelings without censuring or criticising each other
  • Encouraging positive behaviour
  • Allowing the expression of negative emotions as well as positive ones
  • Working together to solve problems and conflicts
  • Laughing together.With love !!!!

What kind of dress suits me on first date?

Everyone has something in their past they would change. Our choices in life don’t dictate our entire lives. Always keep moving forward, and learn from the failures life sometimes throws at you. This design is dedicated to those that will not let their past destroy them. Here’s to our past.”
“Finding what makes you happy is a little hard nowadays. We all have so many things to do in our everyday life; jobs, family, friends. . . We have so many things that we feel obligated to do, which makes us forget about ourselves in this crazy thing called life. Sometimes we need to take a moment for ourselves. Really MAGNIFY the things in life that make you happy.
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Don’t ever lose your happy.”while there are certain guidelines to follow for how to dress and what to wear on your first date, but you can perhaps never be sure and it all fluctuates more on the mood, place, and of-course the taste of your girl, after all, she is the one who has to compliment you. And so, while I leave it up to you whether to pick a khaki jacket or roll a scarf around the neck, go for rugged oxfords or simply slip in to the lazy blue loafers and what to wear on first date, I am gonna pick few things that men should stay away while dressing for the first date.

Wear them with a pair of sneakers like Nike or Adidas and balance it out with a less athletic top like a denim or flannel shirt.

Comfortable and classic, these are more dressed-up than a pair of sneakers, but not quite as proper as your dressy lace-ups. They make a safe bet for any casual, everyday outfit.u

What kind of Dress can i wear on first day to Office?

Remember that first day at your new job? Fresh out of college and all of 20-21 years old, you suddenly start feeling like you have control over your life. And finally you are out of the college phase and you begin dressing a bit more mature, sophisticated and ‘corporate’! When I first worked in the corporate sector, I was extremely excited at the thought of revamping my entire wardrobe with new stuff. More than Western formals, I was almost always seen in Indian formals, and soon I was on a hunt for good brands where I could buy trendy kurtis and formal wear. Being on the thinner side all my life, I had a lot of problem finding my size in ready made clothes. Every brand of Indian wear would require trips to the local tailor and alterations. STREETSMART the first time that was ecstatic! Finally a brand that catered to my size! Their clothing has always fit me perfectly (I used to be an XS size back then), it was affordable, trendy, comfortable and they kept coming up with new designs quite often. This was about seven years ago and Streetsmart was one of the only brands that had such a load of variety in Indian wear. Thus started my long and never-ending association with STREETSMART Lifestyle App.



Why promise day is celebrated?

Promise Day is the fifth day in the valentine week which is celebrated as one of the special day .As the name itself denotes it is all about love, loyalty, faith, promises, care among each other and to remain together for lifelong. Promise day is meant for love, care, affection and make a promise to remain together forever. So to describe this day in more effective manner, sending Romantic Promise Day Images is the best way to express ones feelings. So here are some of the beautiful Romantic Promise Day Images which will surely make your lover’s day surprising.


Valentine Week is all about love, Romance, feeling’s and above it is the reason for celebration. This week is purely meant for Girlfriend & Boyfriend to express their love, Romance. Promise Day is one such day which falls in the Valentine week. On this day Girlfriend or Boyfriend proposes each other and make promises to be loyal, caring .So to express this feeling’s in more attractive manner there are some Promise Day Pics which are worth useful for Girlfriend and Boyfriend.


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Online VS Offline ??

Shoppers in stores are using their smart phones to make purchase decisions. That shouldn’t come as any surprise. According to one study 75% of customers are using mobile devices to compare prices, read buyer reviews, or get product information while they are standing out of a retail Store. Some surveys suggest that a quarter of the customers looking up products while in the store actually make an online purchase before they leave the premises. Reasons given for buying online instead of from the store include item and size availability or a better price.

Interestingly, some of the factors thought to give brick-and-mortar retailers an advantage aren’t as influential as one might think. According to the “ Report”, only 11% of shoppers are buying their needs in the Online stores, remaining 89% of shoppers are buying from the Offline Stores.Their result explains that that the Online stores giving poor customer services. And customer loyalty programs may not be as effective as the stores would like. 71% of loyalty cardholders say they still use their mobile devices for comparison shopping while still at the store. Streetsmart which helps for the offline customers to buy in the stores with the feel of the product in the store.

What is Chocolate Day??

Chocolate day is celebrated on the third day of the valentine week which is on 9th February 2016. Most of the people love Chocolates. Giving Chocolate as a gift or receiving Chocolate as a gift is a good start for the day. Today is the special day for Lovers so gift crush or Love or girlfriend/boyfriend a Chocolate and express your love. Have missed the chance of proposing your love on propose day, no worries its never late to express your feelings do it now. Never ever postpone it, take time for your love at least in the special days. Surprise with a special Chocolate Box or to make it simple at least one special Chocolate which your valentine is interested in. That moment is very special seeing the happiness and love in the other person will make you happier than ever. If you are far to reach him/her on this day send them a message or Images of Chocolate day. Here we have made a great collection of Best Chocolate Day Greetings SMS Quotes Shayari and Chocolate Images Pics Pictures select one which you like most and send it. Make your love Feel Happy everyday Happy Chocolate Day!!!

Streetsmart wishes all the friends a happy Chocolate Day

All we need is true love but a small bite of Chocolate now,then makes the relationship perfect.
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Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was Honoures by Streetsmart on his 182nd Birthday..

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was Honoures by Streetsmart on his 182nd Birthday..

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev

Imagine if there was an element no one had ever seen before, but one day you announce that you know all its properties. People will call you crazy, won’t they? But that’s what Dmitri Mendeleev did!

Mendeleev creates the Periodic Table

The story goes like this.

Mendeleev was studying the differences between the elements known then. He saw that elements were more like each other when:

a. their atomic number was nearly the same (like iron, cobalt, nickel and copper)

b. their atomic number changed by an almost regular proportion (like chlorine, bromine and iodine)

You could actually arrange them in a neat table. If their weights were similar, they were put side by side. Such a row of elements made one ‘period’. If their weights changed by proportion, they were put in columns (called groups). We end up with the periodic table!

Here’s what Mendeleev’s table looked like:

Today of course, it looks a bit different.

But the best is yet to come. There were gaps in his table because some elements were not discovered yet. But did you know what he did?

Mendeleev predicts new elements!

He actually predicted that these gaps would be filled by elements yet to be discovered. He called these elements eka-silicon, eka-aluminium and eka-boron. What’s more, he suggested what they would be like – their reactions, their weights and densities. It caused a huge shock to scientists.

…and gets proved right!

No one believed Mendeleev until a French chemist called Emile Lecoq came along. He had discovered an element which he named gallium. It weighed as much as Mendeleev’s predicted eka-aluminium. As he studied it more, it behaved exactly like Mendeleev had said. It had the same reactions, and the same density. And then another element was discovered which behaved exactly like eka-silicon. It is now called germanium.

Both happened while Mendeleev was quite alive, so he had the joy of being proved right. Because of this, he is often considered one of the best theoretical chemists ever.

Mendeleev never took any care of his personal appearance, dressing shabbily and never cutting his hair. His colleagues got the Russian Emperor to invite him to the palace, hoping that Mendeleev would smarten up for the meeting. But he turned up in his shabby coat and unkempt hair, and the emperor could do nothing!

Mendeleev’s Life

Mendeleev’s story is a very inspiring one. Born on 8 February 1834, he was the 14th child of a very poor family from Tobolsk in Siberia. When he was just 13 his father died, so his family had to shift to St. Petersburg to find work. But he rose from his situation, completed his education and started a long and celebrated carrer in chemistry. In 1865, he was appointed Professor of Chemistry at St. Petersburg University. In that time he made his most famous discoveries, and made St. Peterburg an exciting place to study Chemistry anywhere in the world.

He died in 1907.

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So often i raises a question to my friends where i get offers in Bangalore??

I have 300 rupees want to buy two shirts,where i get in Bangalore ??

Any Guesses !!

Commercial street is also be tricky and, frankly, overwhelming. So I decided my friends to take them to the Commercial Street!!

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10 Essential Accessories that are simply must have for a women

The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize so says Clairee Belcher.

Admit it or not, there are certain fashion accessories that you simply cannot do without. When it comes to it, we can say that there are 10 essential accessories that are simply must-haves. No matter what the season is, what the fashion trend is.


A pair of sexy sunglasses is a must to impress everyone. As well as being essential not only to protect you from the harmful SPF rays when you are walking and even driving, they are also as a style statement. Tortoiseshell and oversized square glasses are what you exactly need this season. Ozeal Glasses can handle with all those for you.


A classy scarf is a must have in a woman’s wardrobe as you can sport a scarf with your tees, your frocks – well if truth be told, with almost anything you wear actually. You can also use the scarf to cover your hair on a bad hair day and even use it to cover your #face from the harmful sun rays. Make sure that you buy an oversized scarf so that you can use it for multiple purposes.


As a woman, you can understand the importance of an oversized bag. Women need to carry a lot of things with them when they leave home: house keys, car keys, cell phone, makeup #bag,wallet, personal sanitary products, planner, tablet, MP3 player … the list goes on.


You are of course not comfortable in heels at all time and there are just occasions when you need to wear flats as well as those times they are the perfect shoe to finish a look. Ballet flats are not only comfortable and classy, they suit almost each and every kind of outfit be it skirts, frocks, jeans, shorts – well just about anything actually. Ballet flats are a must have accessory and they have been on-trend since forever!.


Us girls do love to embellish and decorate – especially our visible #body parts, so it’s no wonder that earrings feature as one of the essential women’s accessories. It doesn’t matter whether your ears are pierced or not, there is an incredible range of ear ornaments out there. Hoop earrings are in this season and you can team them up with your strapless dress or your casual tee and jeans.


If you are not fond of earrings, you can try out the large statement necklaces available almost everywhere. Make sure that you do not make the mistake of wearing both the hoopla earrings and the statement necklace together. Both these oversized accessories will be a fashion disaster if worn together. Get the basics clear first.


You need to add some oomph to your #beautiful fingers. A cocktail ring is what you should have if you want to make your hands look prettier than ever. Forget the small rings and try the large, showy cocktail rings that you find in all the markets. On-trend now are the rings that fit on more than one finger.


Whether you love big, men’s style watches or dainty timepieces, watches are a stylish accessory that every #woman should own. They’re fashionable, functional, and are a perfect way to add a personal touch to a conservative work or school outfit.


Just like hats, adding a belt to your #look can add a pop of color or a really pull your outfit together. You’ll probably want to have a few different types so you have one handy for all sorts of outfits. Some great choices are a skinny belt, braided belt and a leather or faux leather belt.


We all need a pair heels in our closet. No matter what your style, there will come a #time when we need to rock a pair of heels. Basic black or brown heels are the most versatile, but you can make it work with other colors as well. Just think of what you have in your closet and what you’ll wear it with most.

What’s your favorite that you really couldn’t do without?

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